Aryana Minai


I love the language of my aunts voice
There are no translations for the way she remembers
having coffee with her mother
The fortunes let her travel to past adventures
To read turkish coffee grounds, you reflect on both
the light and the shadow
the positive and the negative
the joy and the sorrow
and the places in between
and the space between her and I
is the taste that lingers on the tip of my tongue
Enjoying the bitter as well as the sweet

Turkish Coffee Reading I

light a candle for your wish
a man wearing a hat comes with offerings
with a mermaid standing behind him
trying to gain your trust
tells you what you like to hear
eagle on your left shoulder
for protection
in the midst of an uneasy love commitment
evil eye - squash it with your finger
shadows of old lovers

Turkish Coffee Reading II

feeling heavy in the heart but there is light in the corner
light of a spirit
there is a road that leads to the path
see to the end of it
the path is grassy and soft
no challenges
evil eye - squash it with your finger

Turkish Coffee Reading III

dark cup - worrying too much again
spirits watching over you
boat - someone coming with news
a friend at side
waiting for orders to give advice
paths - open and bright
don’t tell everyone about your plans
some may not be happy / supportive
keep the heart safe

Turkish Coffee Reading IV

a horse - power in achieving goals
the horse will take you where you need to go
moving forward with the past in your heart
a sun - wisdom and cleanse of the mind and body
ready for a new start
leaves falling - shedding
to find out who you are, you must eliminate who you are not
don’t get into arguments with people who own cats
heart is lighter now
a wish - light a candle
be careful with driving vehicles

Note: Making Turkish Coffee and reading the grounds is a tradition my aunt passed onto me. Her mother passed it onto her from her mother, and her mother’s mother and so on. She taught me the language of the grounds and my intuition. For a moment, it connects me to her memories of home and mends me with mine.