Aryana Minai

I stand in the quiet room as the sun rises and washes through the colorful stained glass. They capture the morning light that gloriously glades on the carpeted floor of the mosque. The stained glass windows are richly colored, and the walls around me feature a colorful array of painted geometric mosaics. The mosaics come to life with the colors that dance throughout the building like whirling dervishes. I am standing inside of a Kaleidoscope. The entire building is flooded with every color under the sun that flirts with the ground, the walls, the arches, and the towering spires. It even flirts with me. It asks me to stay longer, take in its details, find its long kept hidden secrets. A sense of personal, inner space is created. Before this moment, I had been floating in purgatory.

Nasir – ol – molk