Mayra Rodriguez Castro


Are the dead full
of innocence.

Is death feverish or sedated

Is death a lignite balm.

Is death floriculture
over the modern grid.

Is death ruled by caprice
from the heart to the perimeter.

Is death satanic botany
etched on our ground.

Is death sacrificial displacement.

Is death swallowing names
notating the silent annals.

Is death eating breadfruit
and bones at dawn.

Is death bruised
does it travel from dirt to angels.

Is death the first
and second wind.

Is death a yoke of wax
laying eggs on our shoulders.

Is death the unruly laugh
of objection.

Is death hopeful eyelashes
blackening the world.

Is god the killer
or is death her excision glimmering.

Mandarine blood
thin and slow.