Close Distance Journal

Close Distance Journal is an online poetics publication of and about work in process. Coming fall 2017, we seek and share the work of writers, artists and thinkers across disciplines and borders to talk about making, movement, and forming, about being in process, in thought, in between places and feelings, and being influenced. Through dialogue about the unfinished it is our intention to create openings in the discourses on art, criticism, and politics that are often confined to and by academia or structured according the standards of established high culture. Close Distance is a porous platform where stones spill.

Closed Distance is currently closed for submissions.

All inquiries can be send to closedistancepress [at] gmail [dot] com.


The two words, close distance, are an accidental mis//translation of the Dutch words dichtbij zijn. Though neither translates the other correctly both indicate a perspective on being in the world and provide a space to locate the self or I in between places; between mind and body, oneself and another, language and a thing, thing and a thing, never fully in one place, constantly moving, being in and a process, and never ending.

Close Distance uses these thoughts of constant movement—a wave that breaks, that dissolves into sand, which is what shore means, there where land meets water, the wave doesn’t disappear, it continues to be in a different form—to think about writing. What Close Distance is interested in publishing is work in (or about) process, whatever that may mean to its maker. The words “finished,” “success,” and “failure” do not matter to us, what we care for instead are influences and influents.

Through its initials, Close Distance is also a tribute to C.D. Wright. Introduced to C.D. by The Volta on the day she passed away, January 12, 2016, she became an encouraging influent on the beginning of this publication.